1 Why it was renewed construction of 2nd block from September 2011? Why both block did not start?
2 How was finished filling of first block in December 2010 and now how many apartments are sold in this block?
3 After completion of the 15 apartment, if the some “customers" (the flat buyers) will late the installment of the money, in this case the construction be halted or not? And will be damaged those who pay money on time or not?
4 Why Georgian House?
5 Why this project? What are the advantages of this project compared with other projects?
6 What will be the quality of the construction and how is it controlled?
7 Is it possible, after primary payment pay the amount once in two or three months?
8 How much is the primary payment, and what is the monthly minimum payment?
9 Is there the difference in price of the flats according to the floors?
10 In what condition will the flats be given and will I be able to remake the flat in my taste?
11 Is it available to get information about this project from the Bank of Georgia?
12 On the 25th of December, when the house will be filled , insured and the construction will continue, will I put monthly payment on my deposit?
13 When will the construction be finished?
14 When will the construction continue?
15 As I see, on the first stage I only choose the flat and at the sum up meeting the agreement of deeds of purchase will be signed by all the customers ; so what is the difference between the first agreement and the agreement of deeds of purchase.
16 If the house is not filled, when can I take my money back from the “Bank of Georgia”?
17 So the primary pay will be transferred to my own account?
18 Before the filling of the house , where should the customer pay the primary payment, and what is the guarantee that the money will be returned if the house is not filled?
19 Who will also attend the sum up meeting?
20 What does the insurance of the house mean exactly? How will I be insured as a customer of the flat, who will pay monthly during 20 months?
21 Imagine the “House has been filled” flats were sold and the money was collected for finishing the house, what is the guarantee that the construction will be finished in 20 months?
22 How many flats should be sold for “collecting” money for the finishing of the house?
23 What does “fill the house” mean?