1) At this stage “Georgian House” executes only one project and it is not a company of many duties, which gives our crew an opportunity to concentrate only on one project and fulfill all duties properly.
2) The superiority of “Georgian House” is our frankness, we are “transparent” company and openly publish financial information.
3) ”Georgian House” has got the well-grounded plan of finishing of the construction.
4) “Georgian House” offers a customer the safe mechanism of purchasing the flat, which secures the customer’s interests and the risk of losing the money is practically excluded.
5) Our offer and prices are exceptionally profitable and can be a rival.
6) ”Georgian House” insures the construction and cooperates with “Bank of Georgia” and “Aldagi BCI”.
7) “Georgian House” thoroughly controls the quality of the construction.
8) “Georgian House” has worked out the plan “Fill the House” and the new independence towards the customers, we call our consumers customers, as we build their house on their money, while during the years they were called debtors, which is wrong.