Firstly, the house has got the unique location, its scenery stretches out on the river Mtkvari and you can feel air of this river in the yard. From another side, the house is located on one of the longest avenues in Tbilisi, and at the same time it is a bit away from the main road, and between the house and the road there are plantings of greeneries and fir-groves, which prevent the dust from the main road. In front of the house there is a bridge for pedestrians, taxi and bus stop. The house is situated between subway station “Grma Gele” and “Didube”, the cinema “Saqartvelo” is in 100 meters and in 200 meters there is Kikvidze park and aqua park. The nice view stretches from every side of the house, Mtatsminda and the funicular can be seen from here. The house is projected in such way, that it is equally lighted during daytime, the sun comes from every side, in the morning from the avenue part, in the afternoon from the yard and in the evening from the side block. The project has got a comfortable location and at the same time it is in a movable area. The infrastructure of the project is ideal, that is why we can say that the project is ideal and is distinguished from others.