Georgian HouseArchitectural-construction company “Georgian House” LTD was founded in 26th of June 2007. The company started work as a broker company and worked on private projects. After successful fulfillment of some projects from May 2008 company started working on project of block of flats in block N 5 12a Guramishvili str. Tbilisi, Georgia. On February 2009 the company started construction of 13 floor complex building, but because of crises on October 2009 the construction process has stopped.

From September 2010 “Georgian House” together with JSC “Bank of Georgia” and insures company “Aldagi BCI” started unprecedented project “Fill the House”. This gave the company opportunity to continue stopped constructions

.At the end of December 2010 project “Fill the house” finished successfully and construction of first Block continued from January 2011, from September 2011 continued the construction of second block.

During construction our team thoroughly observes quality of construction. We use high quality concrete and armed reinforcement (see partners). It must be mentioned that by this time the “Georgian House” is occupied only with above mentioned project and is not a company with big obligations. This give us opportunity to concentrate only on one project and fulfill the obligations properly. Since company foundation company founder and director is Irakli Lomtatidze.

Why "Georgian House"?