* Sold flats are marked in red

In Tbilisi, on Guramishvili avenue, near the cinema “Sakartvelo”, opposite the former industrial complex 11-16 storey building is being built with 4 entrances and with the constructions of reinforced concrete. The splendid architectural scene responds to the standards of the 21st century. It is a plenty of modern elements, exquisite architectures facade (front), plantings of greeneries and comfortable yard. The house will be built with the use of modern engineering technology.


  • The ground area ___________  3677  m2
  • The whole area ____________  19799  m2
  • Commercial ______________   1296  m2
  • Dwelling _________________  11943  m2
  • Underground parking _______   2983  m2
  • Summer area _____________   915  m2
  • Entrance area _____________   2462  m2
  • Ramp ____________________   200  m2

Conditions of transmitting the house in operation:

  • Closed and secured yard;
  • Metal plastic windows on an exterior;
  • Iron door of every entrance of all flats;
  • Pargeted walls;
  • Two-storey underground parking;
  • 1,2,3 and 4 room flats with summer area;
  • Flats from 45sq.m;
  • Commercial areas on the ground (first) floor;
  • Electricity and gas led to the house;
  • Inner electricity;
  • In a sanitary knots constructed water and sewerage equipments;
  • Two elevators will be constructed, one for dwellers and another for goods;
  • Inner partition Led out according to individual desire;
  • Planting greenies area of the yard 2197 sq.m;
  • Central Ventilation System;
  • The height of the dwellers storey 3 m;
  • The height of the commercial storey 4,5m;
  • The height of the parking’s storey 2,7m.