Our mission is to establish our place in Georgian construction market, our offer should be demanded and competitive, be famous, innovative and be always news-oriented company, have people's trust and our customers be always satisfied with our work.

We are building the house with the moneys of our customers (this is the main nuance of the project "Fill the House"), so our success and progress depends on the trust and respect of the people toward us, therefore the customers’ favor is result of timely and proper implementation of the responsibilities by us, we all dependent on each other and are responsible toward each other, so the buyer of the apartment in Georgian House have to feel himself/herself a member of one big team, where each has its share of responsibility towards others, our customers will have a daily detailed information on the company's financial or operational condition, permanent contact with them is extremely important, because the customer attraction is only “30%” of our “mission", in order to fulfill 100% of our mission it’s important to maintain the customer and justify his/her expectations. Georgian House will hold quarterly meetings with customers to discuss all issues related with the construction, on these meetings everyone will listen to each other and will share their opinions with each other, also will be individual work, there will be rapid reaction on any issue on each customer's house (be it internal planning change, design of the apartment or any other related financial and legal issues), the product that we are creating is the most important component of human life and therefore all of our customers have to make contributions in building and amending accomplice, because on their performance of obligations depends the faithful fulfillment of our obligations.